Ritual Talk

Ritual Talk is a five-piece band, whose music can be most closely described as lyrically-driven folk/indie rock, but their music is so ever-flowing and changing that our description may be an understatement. Featuring vibrant performances, Alex DeSimine, Alex Tremitiere, Tom Criblez, Dylan Gleit, and TJ Alcala discuss inspiration, politics, and much more with Joel.

Daniel Barbrack//Nautics

Daniel Barbrack, from the former local band Kinsey Scale, now a student at Berklee School of music, talks about is past bands and current solo project.

Kenzo, Van, Amir, Levitt are the members of the “space-rock” band Nautics, who came by to play some songs and talk about their influences.


Touring from Detroit, the Handgrenades stopped by the studio before their show later that night in Brooklyn. They spoke of politics’ affect on music, how they manage the band, and the meaning of their songs. What is interesting about this interview is that the Handgrenades came without any instruments. They grabbed the studio’s backline: a Fender Stratacaster, a p-bass, and some bongos. We think this impromptu setup is unique in its own right, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.